Amazon shipping terms and conditions

Terms and conditions as applicable to Amazon shipping:

Amazon US only : We ship items purchased from Amazon US only. We are not responsible for any items until they are signed for by our US staff. It is your responsibility to ship to the correct address.

Weight : Minimum shipping weight – 0.5kg. Maximum shipping weight – 20kg. We reserve the right to repackage items to optimise shipping weight.

Import/export restrictions : We will not ship any item that is not eligible for export from the US or import into South Africa or appears on our list of prohibited items. We reserve the right to reject any item. Prohibited/restricted items may be ceased by customs and/or penalties imposed. Any penalties will be for your account.

Customs inspections : All shipments are subject to customs inspections and may be scanned and photographed. Shipments may be opened and resealed by customs.

Insurance : It is your responsibility to insure your shipment. We are not liable to you for any damage, breakage or loss.

Shipping time : Shipping to South Africa is estimated to take 7-14 days (excluding public holidays). There may be delays for several reasons. We are unable to guarantee shipping time.

Fees : All fees (including but not limited to shipping, insurance, extras, duties, taxes, disbursement fee, service fees, adjustments, admin fees and penalties) are for your account. You agree to pay all fees in full.

Disclaimer : We are not the seller. We are not responsible for any items. It is your responsibility to check for compatibility etc. We are not able to offer support. All imports are entirely at your own risk. All warranties are with the original seller. We do not offer return shipping to the US. Except as provided for, you disclaim us from all liability.

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