Amazon shipping

We offer reliable private shipping from the US to South Africa for those Amazon items that won’t to ship to South Africa.

As can be expected, this is a costly maneuver that is not suitable for shipping single, low cost items. We recommend making up a package that will be worth shipping.

  • Place your order directly with Upon checking out, use our exact shipping address to prevent your Amazon orders from being “returned to sender”.
  • Send your signed Amazon Shipping Form D77 and copies of your ID and Amazon order to
  • We’ll issue a pro-forma invoice (estimation of costs e.g. shipping, insurance, duties, taxes, disbursement and service fees). The pro-forma invoice must be paid in full.
  • Upon arrival at our US facility, we’ll compare the items to your original Amazon order. If there are any obvious issues, we’ll notify you, and you’ll have the opportunity to “return to sender” or take the necessary steps.
  • We’ll prepare the shipment for export: packaging, air waybill, export documentation, photographs, stickers, etc. The shipment will be submitted for clearance, loaded on board a private cargo flight and departure within 2 days (excluding public holidays) and should typically arrive in South Africa in 7-14 days (excluding public holidays). The shipment will pass through customs in several countries so there may be delays. Any penalties will be for your account. We’ll provide shipping status updates by e-mail/SMS.
  • Prior to arrival in South Africa, we’ll prepare the shipment for import. Upon arrival, the shipment will be cleared and couriered to our Pierre van Ryneveld, Centurion office. We’ll notify you when the shipment is ready for collection.
  • Upon collection, we’ll issue a final invoice. Any difference between the pro-forma and final invoices must be paid in full. Simply sign off the shipment and enjoy your Amazon order!

The R/$ exchange rate will be fixed as follows: R/$ exchange rate + 60c/$. E.g. If the R/$ on is R14.00/$, use R14.60. For more information about exchange rates, visit

  • Shipping rates
lb 1LB 2LB 3LB 4LB 5LB 6LB 7LB 8LB 9LB 10LB
kg 0.44 0.88 1.32 1.76 2.2 2.64 3.08 3.52 3.96 4.4
$ 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75
  • Duties: 20% of the Rand value declared
  • Taxes: 14% of X where X = Rand value declared + 10% of the Rand value declared + duties
  • Disbursement and local shipping – R175
  • Service fee – R150

Note: Higher rates apply to certain imports. Any adjustments are payable upon collection.

Example of duties and taxes calculation: Rand value = R3000; Duties = 20% x R3000 = R600. Taxes = 14% of (R3000 + R300 + R600) = 14% of R3900 = R546. Total duties and taxes = R600 + R546 = R1146.

Any penalties will be for your account.


  • Insurance – R75 per $100
  • Photo set (per item) – R40
  • Fragile stickers – R60
  • Return to sender – customer request – R450

Terms and conditions apply. See Form D77 for details.

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