Backup and data loss policy

This is an extract from our terms of service and our consumer data policy.

You warrant that you have backed up all of your data, including but not limited to personal, business, specialist, hobbyist or niche data. Regardless of cause or circumstance, we will not be liable to you for any data loss whatsoever.

We will not back up your data unless you instruct us to do so in writing. It is your responsibility to specify, in writing, the files and folders to include in the backup. We will not be liable to you for excluding from a backup any files or folders that you did not specify, or files and folders that you stored in non-typical locations. You will be charged for storage media used to back up your data to. We will retain backups for a maximum of five (5) days after which we will permanently destroy all copies. We will not make unauthorised copies of any of your data.

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