Fibre application process

Embark on a streamlined fibre application process and a seamless connection journey with Delitech. From your initial inquiry to activation, our efficient process minimises hassles. Contact us to start, complete the online form, schedule installation, submit router details, and congratulations – you’re connected.

For any concerns, log a ticket, and our support team will assist promptly.

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1. Enquire

Contact us for more information at 087 821 7101 or or visit one of the following pages: fibre packages or fibre frequently asked questions.

Step 1
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2. Apply

Complete our online form and agree to our terms and conditions. Once you've applied, your order will be logged with the network provider where your order will follow a few internal processes at the network provider.

Step 2
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3. Install

When your order is through the internal processes, the network provider will contact you to make an appointment for installation. (Sometimes installations and activations are done on the same day, other times it takes place separately.)

Step 3
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4. Activate

Once they installed your router, kindly send us a photo of the sticker with your SSID / B number.

Step 4
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5. Fibre installation complete

Congratulations! You should now be connected.

If any issues occur, please log a ticket.

Step 5