Fibre FAQ’s

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Common Fibre FAQ’s

Curious about our installation procedures? Interested in exploring the range of fibre packages we offer? Or perhaps, troubleshooting concerns? Delve into our carefully curated answers to these and more, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the Delitech fibre journey.

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Can I apply at various network providers to see who is first?

Yes and no. We cannot prevent you from applying at various network providers, but in the end, it may cause problems during your application process. Network providers only allow 1 order, so if said network providers do not have their admin and processes in order, you may not be activated in due course. If you did not cancel all of Depending on the contract you applied for, you may be held liable for administration, installation and activation costs once you cancel one of them.

How long does it take until I am live?

If your street is not yet live, it may take 6 to 8 full weeks. If your street is live, it may take 14 to 21 weekdays.

When do I pay?

Once you are live, you will receive a pro-rata invoice as well as for the installation / activation. Invoices are paid ahead of the month.

Can I take the router with me to my new property?

It depends on your agreement with the network provider.

What happens if my yellow fibre cable is damaged?

We usually have yellow fibre cables in stock, but please do call us to find out whether we have stock available. These are much shorter though.

What is the process after applying?

Once you applied, your order will be logged with the network provider. Your order will follow a few processes internally at the network provider. When your order is through the internal processes, the network provider will contact you to make an appointment for installation. Sometimes installations and activations are done on the same day, other times it takes place separately. Once they installed your router, kindly send us a photo of the sticker with your SSID / B number.

Shouldn’t you know when my fibre is off?

We know if there is a major problem in your area, but we do not know when you experience individual difficulties.

Shouldn’t you know when my fibre is installed and activated?

The network provider must sign off the installation. If they do not, we will not know unless you, our valued client, tells us and send us your SSID / B number.

Why is my internet slow?

It depends on how you define slow. Speeds are only guaranteed up to the point of the router. If it is slow on a network cable, you will need to do a Speedtest and send a snapshot of the Speedtest to so we can log a ticket for you. If it is only slow on Wi-Fi, you can purchase range extenders. If the problem persists, you are welcome to give us a call to arrange for an appointment. Call out rates apply.

Why is my internet so bad in my bedroom?

If your internet is not connected via a network cable, Wi-Fi speeds may vary due to walls, number of devices, floors etc.

Is Wi-Fi and fibre the same?

No. Fibre is the glass cable infrastructure technology providers use to offer internet. Wi-Fi is the wireless technology we use from the router to our various devices such as cell phones, laptops and desktops.

What is the difference between download and upload?

Download is the act of copying data such as application forms or streaming Youtube videos.

Why should I cancel my fibre when I move?

When you do not cancel your fibre, your bill will continue to pile up and your fibre line will not be released for a new tenant when your account is outstanding.

Can I move without giving 1 months’ notice / can I stop paying as cancellation?

No. When you apply, you agree with the terms and conditions of giving 1 months’ notice. When you leave without giving notice, we, as your ISP must still pay the network provider. In times like these, we tend to extend grace for perhaps another month, which means we need to pay 2 month’s rates on your behalf. Even though you did not use internet during this time, you still have the responsibility to be kind and cancel in time.

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