Already received this invoice? We’re so sorry for sending this invoice again. We may not have been able to allocate your payment. Kindly forward your payment confirmation to in order for us to track down your payment with FNB.

Banking details: In this era of banking fraud, please note that unless we announce changes to our banking details on multiple platforms, be careful not to make payment into any other account. Always check all digits for duplicate, missing or swopped around numbers. If you’re unsure, please check with us. We’re very sorry if you made payment to the wrong account. That is, unfortunately, between you and your bank. You remain liable for this invoice until your payment reflects on our side. For easy reference, at the time of writing, we’re banking with FNB, and our bank account ends with 772.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: We offer a variety of products and services, all of which are subject to terms and conditions. The most obvious are our terms of sale (including our order policy, warranty policy and returns and refunds policy) and our terms of service (including our disclaimers). There’s also our internet terms (including our acceptable use policy and e-mail policy), our contact policy and payment terms. By transacting with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the applicable terms and conditions. All of these documents are available on our website or on request.

PAYMENT METHOD: We accept cash (at the office), most debit and credit cards (at the office), Zapper (no payment confirmation necessary!) and EFT/internet payments. Please note that cash payments directly into our bank account are subject to a R50 banking fee.


The due date on this invoice is computer generated. Please refer to the applicable payment terms below:

SALES ORDERS: Due to uncollected orders, your order must be paid in full before we’ll place your order with our suppliers. Unless stated otherwise, all orders exclude configuration/installation/setup of any kind. Remember that new printers typically come with demo ink/toner and without a print cable. New computers typically come with Windows but without Office. All orders exclude delivery unless stated otherwise.

ONSITE/REMOTE SUPORT SERVICES: Due within seven (7) days of the invoice date. A minimum fee of R360 will be charged for all onsite services.

WORKSHOP SERVICES: A minimum fee of R270 is payable upfront. The balance is due immediately upon collection. We will not release your property until your account is paid in full.

HOSTING/INTERNET SERVICES: Due by the 28th of every month. If unpaid by the 3rd of the following month, your services will be suspended without warning, and a reconnection fee of R400 charged to reinstate your services. Sounds crazy? It really takes a lot of effort to chase down arrears accounts, and our upstream providers also charge fees to deal with these. So, please just pay on time. Any payment on your account will be applied to the arrears first. While we’re on the topic of hosting/internet services:

SERVICE CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations are subject to giving us 30 days’ notice. Non payment is not a valid cancellation. Tenants: It’s your responsibility to cancel according to your lease expiry date. Moving out is not an excuse for non payment. We will continue to invoice you until you cancel in accordance to the cancellation terms stated on your application form.

DOMAINS: The invoice is considered your renewal notice. To secure your domain name, payment must be made within seven (7) days of the invoice date. If your payment is not on time, we will not renew your domain name. In other words, you may lose your domain name. If we’re able to redeem your domain name, redemption fees will be charged. Please be warned: Redemption fees can be very expensive, and there is no way around them.

UNPAID ACCOUNTS: In accordance with our terms, unpaid accounts will be handed over to our attorneys for collection. All collection fees will be for your account. Please get in touch with us urgently to make payment arrangements.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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