Updated policy on our banking details

Our banking details are as follows:

FNB Cheque Account # 62812289355
Branch code 252445
SWIFT (for international payments) FIRNZAJJ


To verify our banking details directly on the FNB website:

1. Log onto the FNB website www.fnb.co.za
2. Click on ‘Contact Us + Tools’
3. Click on ‘Verify Account Confirmation/Visa Application Letters’
4. Enter in the requested information which includes the unique number found on the electronic stamp
5. Click on ‘Verify’

To verify our banking details using the FNB app:

1. Launch the FNB App
2. Select the information icon
3. And then select ‘Letter verification’

If you prefer to make a card or InstantEFT payment instead, please click the button below.

In response to a recent court ruling (see here), we’re tightening our methods for communicating our banking details. Notwithstanding our long standing efforts advising our customers to always verify our banking details before making payments, we will no longer include our banking details directly in e-mails, or on our quotes or invoices.

Instead, we will provide an advisory (including a QR code that you can scan) to visit this webpage in order to obtain our banking details, download the confirmation letter provided by FNB, and where we detail the steps you can take to verify our banking details directly on the FNB website. If uncertain, please call our office directly on 087 821 7101 Mo-Fr 10am to 6pm to confirm our banking details telephonically. Due to the above ruling, we can no longer confirm our banking details by e-mail.

When verifying our banking details via our website, please ensure that you are actually on the https://www.delitech.co.za website. Check for possible changes in the URL that may indicate you have been redirected to a fraudulent website.

We understand this will result in additional efforts on your part if you make a payment to us for the first time or where you make a repeat payment without having added us as a beneficiary before, but we have no choice but to safeguard our business against the potential loss (and liability, according to the above ruling) where our quotes or invoices may be intercepted en-route to our customers (including where the customer’s device or e-mail is the point of intercept, and whether or not the customer exercised due diligence before making payment).

As always, unless we communicate a change in our banking details across multiple platforms, including our website, on our social media, and notices at our office, please consider such change to be fraudulent. If our banking details seem to have changed from any prior payment to us, please disregard the change and refrain from making payment until you have confirmed our banking details telephonically.

Based on the above updated policy, we believe we meet the requirements established by the ruling. Please keep this policy in mind and exercise caution when making payments to us at all times.